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If you are looking to find a diet product or program to aid in your weight loss efforts then you need to be informed about the products that are available to you and the best choice to fit your body type and lifestyle. If the program or product doesn't fit you, you won't wear it.

I Don't Carry much in the weigh (ha ha) of diets products per say, because the best weight loss is through permanent life style changes and metabolic balancing. But we have had some great results with our products helping people get on the right track, getting motivated and helping them to stop from obsessing over food.

Chitosan is a shell fish fiber that absorbs the fat that you have eaten so that your body will not absorb and store it. These products work well if you can remember to take it 20-30 minutes before you eat with 8 oz of water and you eat lots of fattening foods, that's why you are over weight. Some people gain weight from over consumption of carbohydrates not fat. If you already eat low fat then this is not the product for you.

The Collagen products work with you body's repair cycle to help increase muscle mass which in turn helps boost your metabolism naturally. Restrictions to these types of products are you can't eat or drink anything except water three hours before bed and you are supposed to follow a low sugar and lower carbohydrate diet to maximize your results. These products will help you loose inches first then the weight will come off later. Other perks with these types of products are joint, hair, skin support and better sleep.

Blood Sugar Stabilizers:

These products help to keep your blood sugar more stable which in turn helps your body to naturally burn fat. One dieting mistakes is not to eat a balanced breakfast, which causes the blood sugar to go up, then down in response to insulin, which tells your body to store fat.

Successful diet tips and healthy lifestyle modifiers.

1. Drink an 8oz glass of water shortly before each meal.

2. Count your fiber grams, 25+ is a good start. Most people don't get near enough fiber. Fiber keeps blood sugar more stable, gives you the feeling of fullness, and helps keep your colon clean and moving.

3. Portion Control. Fist size carbohydrates portions like sweet potatoes and palm sized protein portions like baked fish. Use your salads and raw veggies as your largest portions.

4. Use good fats in your food after the cooking process such as  olive oil or coconut oil. Eliminate all fried foods. Rancid fats from fast food restaurants cause high cholesterol, thinning hair (note Did you know if you feed a dog old grease all their hair will fall out), diabetes, clogged arteries and possible stroke.. Don't be fooled into not getting enough fat in your diet. In the craze to lose weight we must not neglect our need for good fats  that help with hormone and endocrine regulation and the feeling of satiety, subtle skin, lubricated joints etc... Good fats come from avocados, nuts, seeds and flax seed oil. Dr. Fuhrman recommends 1 oz of nuts per day for someone who is wanting to loose weight.

5. Snacks. Stay away from high sugar and high fat snacks like candy bars and chips. Reach for small portions of fresh nuts, and fruit. Don't be tricked by low fat gimmick foods. These foods say low fat but most are loaded with sugar which will make your body respond with high insulin which causes fat storage and many other problems.

********** IMPORTANT MESSAGE ********

If you are not successful with these changes and diet products you may have an underlying problem that is keeping your from burning excess fat. Contrary to popular belief Calories in - Calories Out = net fat loss Is not always true. Allergies to certain foods can cause fluid and fat retention. If you are overly stresses you may not be able to burn fat as well as someone else because your body in converting your metabolic T3 from your thyroid into reverse T3. You may be to acidic or you body may be deficient in enzymes.


Women have a symphony of hormones constantly changing through out the month. If these hormones are unbalanced, take for instance if you are low in progesterone and high in estrogen ( estrogen dominance) then you will be less likely to loose fat. Estrogen dominance interferes with thyroid hormones. Along with cabbage family foods and soy. You may have the hormone, but it won't be active.

Men can have hormonal imbalances also, but usually this is not so much a factor in their weight loss.

Get your hormones tested. ZRT offers Saliva Hormone testing that you do at home and measures the levels of hormones in your saliva not your blood. This is a much better way of accurately measuring your level of free hormone (which is active). Blood tests measure all hormones active and inactive. A standard 2 hormone test kit is $60.00. Each hormone is $30.00. Most women would benefit from at least testing their estrogen (estradiol) and progesterone. Imbalances in progesterone and estrogen are a culprit for causing women fatigue, PMS, and weight problems. All test kits are sent to a certified lab and return with detailed results.


If you are constipated then your body is reabsorbing all kinds of toxins and it will be hard to loose weight on any program. Some people start with a cleansing program when they decide to go on a weight loss program. Ultimate Cleanse is a complete body cleanser developed to rid the body of burdened toxins and correct constipation problems.  See Colon and Body Cleansers


Yeast Problems:

The late Dr. Crook revolutionized the Yeast Connection. A complex array of symptoms that stem from over growth of candida albicans. Candida is type of fungus that is normally present in the body, but it can get out of balance causing a variety of symptoms such as foggy memory, allergies, weight gain, headaches, eczema, hyperactivity, skin rashes, sugar cravings, fatigue, compromised immune response and the list goes on. If you have yeast overgrowth you will not respond normally to diet programs. See Yeast Cleanses

 See digestion products for more information on yeast cleanses.

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