Weight Loss Tips


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1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

2. Eat the majority of your calories early in the day.

3. DO NOT EAT LATE. Before 6:00 pm is the best

4. Try to exercise at least 3 times per week.

5. Follow Dr. Furhman's Nutritarian Diet

6. If you crave sugars reach for fruit.

7. If you crave dairy and cheese, eat more greens (kale, collard, spinach or any others greens)

8. Eat 75% or more of RAW Food eat day for maximum weight loss and cleansing.

9. Focus your meals around vegetables.

10. Drink thirty two ounces of water upon waking every morning.

11. Meditate and work on reducing stress.

12. Stay focused and do not give in to temptation as far as foods you shouldn't have. Find healthy substitutes

13. Visualize what you want and hold that picture in your mind no matter what.

14. If you do eat something you know is not conducive to your weight loss goal do not let it become a pattern. Do not feel guilty about it

get back on track as soon as posssible.

15. Prepare the night before for your meals for the following day. If you skip meals this may lead you to unhealthy food choices.

16. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep boost your natural growth hormone which accelerates fat burning.

17. Try not to overeat at any one meal. (especially at night)

18. If you are extremely hungry then you are not getting enough nutrition in the foods you are eating. This is one of the

biggest reasons diet fail. Conventional diets limit the portions of already nutrient deficient foods, this leads to cravings and binging.

Dr. Furman's Diet focuses on the highest nutrient foods available.

19. Do deep belly breathing. The body cannot burn fat without oxygen.